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PT Kolosal Pratama (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Since 2014 Kolosal Pratama has been appointed as an authorized distributor by Vasomedical USA for the territory of Indonesia which is responsible for the sales, training, maintenance & repair of ECG Holter Monitoring & ABPM equipment with reliable technician support.

"Vasomedical is a global leader in non-invasive healthcare (

And since 2014, PT Kolosal Pratama has also been appointed as an official distributor by VSK Medical for the region of Indonesia which is responsible for the sale, installation, maintenance & repair of ECP machines with reliable technician support & guaranteed original spare parts.

"VSK Medical Limited (" VSK ") is a joint venture of Chongqing PSK and Vasomedical for the global marketing and sale of EECP® and ECP therapy systems"

 The largest professional ECP manufacturer

 14 domestic branch offices

 2 overseas branch offices

 FDA, CE & ISO 13485 approved

 Domestic market share over 95%

 Overseas Sales in 30+ countries

 Strong EECP® / ECP advisers team

 Strong technical team

 Professional after-sale-service team

In Indonesia, "ECP-PSK-Health External Counterpulsation With SpO2" has been officially registered in the Indonesian Ministry of Health since April 2016 & has the most installed base (16 centers)


Menjadi Perusahaan Terpercaya di Bidang Kesehatan


Menyediakan produk-produk di bidang kesehatan yang berkualitas, resmi dengan pelayanan yang baik


PT Kolosal Pratama jual alat-alat kesehatan seperti Holter Recorder, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, Alat EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation), dll.



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